Mobile Application Development

We develop cross-platform mobile applications, suitable for deployment on smart phones and tablet PCs.

The mobile applications we develop are designed to be robust enough to function in a multi-platform environment or for a target device, depending on your requirements.

Cross-Platform or Targetted Device

If your application is intended for mass release, it is important to not limit the devices that it will function on. The applications we develop are suitable for Apple iOS, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Bada and WebOS.

You may however have a target device for the application to be deployed. If this is the case we can make use of proprietary functionality to the device.

Deployment and Scalability

Deploying a mobile app and then maintaining it on user devices can be a challenge. We use a combination of HTML5, Javascript and server-side languages to deploy scalable mobile applications. Our choice of technology makes the installation and update of an app seamless to the user.


A internet connection may not always be available to users. The applications we develop are designed to be functional in both offline and online environments.

Please contact us to discuss the devlopment of your mobile application further and for a demonstration of our work.