Website Design

We present your business in the most interesting and engaging way. It's all about customer experience.

Website design is all about pointing people in the right direction and making that experience as enjoyable as possible. This means rather than approaching your website as a 'wall to paint' we use Persona Centric Design (PCD) to guide your visitors to a succesful outcome.

About Persona Centric Design

In short PCD is looking from the view point of each use case. By doing this we can prioritise the information and actions to create an intuitive user experience.

We start by creating a persona. This is a fictional user that represents a paticular use of your website. By looking at the objectives and information required by this persona we can plan the content and user interface to suit them.

Having your website interface encouraging interaction is a key tool to progressing a customers relationship with you. We work with you to define key areas of interaction that will best serve you and your customers.

Not everything can be said in words and sometimes it's better not said at all. This is why we provide animation, graphic design and video to get your message across.

Creating user flows and personas doesn't start from the customer's arrival we look at how your customer will arrive at your website. This is likely to be through varying channels however the foremost is often search engines. To rank highly you must be the most relevant. By taking the time to understand and develop ideas for increasing your relevance to searchers we maximise your search engine posistions.

What guarantees long term results?

We believe in that being truely relevant to your customers is the best long term strategy for strong search engine placements. We therefore will guide you in the content you provide and in forming a long term strategy for developing your website's content.

Starting from the right place

How your website is written and structured will play a large part in your search engine positions. We ensure that relevance is maximised by taking the time to correctly code your website from the start.