Website Development

Making things work with web application development on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP), .NET and Ruby on Rails.

We love to create things, from bespoke application development to applying existing technologies to your website.

  • Shopping carts
    Allow visitors to add and remove items and send the items to a payment gateway.
  • Content management systems
    Make it possible for pages to be created / edited / deleted on a website using a template.
  • Dynamic content
    Usually stored in and extracted from a database. A website can have dynamic content based on, for example, a user's input.
  • Collecting user input
    Users can subscribe to mailing lists, send you information about themselves and more.
  • User management systems
    When content is specific to an individual visitor it is usual for the visitor's information to be validated. An example of this would be account management.
  • Services
    A service provides information to the visitor or performs a task on the visitor's behalf.

Why choose us as your website developer?

What makes us the best company to undertake your Website Development project? Listed below are some of the many reasons why should be your chosen web development company.

  • Agility
    Applications evolve, being able to alter and adapt to your business requirements it important. We ensure that we develop your web application in the most agile way to allow for a projects evolution.
  • We listen
    By listening to your requirements we create specific solutions that fit your business.
  • Quality coding standards
    We develop applications using the latest standards in coding practice. This helps future developers to modify your code and encourages simplicity.
  • Frequent progress demos
    As your project is being completed we provide you with a staged version of your project to ensure the project is being driven in the right direction.
  • Enthusiasm
    We are very enthusiastic about what we do. We enjoy developing reliable web applications and we want you to enjoy working with us.